Browplasty (Brow Lift)

A brow lift, also called a “forehead lift”, rejuvenates the brow and eyes by lifting the skin and smoothing out horizontal creases. The ideal youthful brow is thought to be positioned above the supraorbital rim with the lateral 1/3 slightly higher than the middle 2/3. 

What a Brow Lift Can Do

  • Reduce the appearance of horizontal forehead creases
  • Restore the natural position of the eyebrows
  • Elevate the brow line to achieve a younger look
  • Tighten excess skin of the forehead
  • Improves the appearance of sagging upper eyelids
  • Reduce the appearance of crow’s feet at the eyes
  • Deliver a refreshed, younger-looking appearance for the face

Why Get a Brow Lift?

A brow starts to become heavy as the skin gradually loses its elasticity with age. This loss of elasticity is a result of years of sun exposure, environmental factors, and repeated muscle movements that come with your expressions. 

When this heavy brow begins to develop, it can change a person’s face that was once friendly and youthful-looking into an exhausted or harsh expression. This, of course, makes many people who are experiencing it unhappy. No one wants to look unfriendly. A brow lift has the ability to brighten the entire area — especially when combined with an eyelid lift or cosmetic injectables

“I would highly recommend Dr. Reitzen, as she is an incredible surgeon with a great sense of how to make patients feel at ease.”

Muhammad S.

Recovery from a Brow Lift

  • You may have swelling, discomfort, and numbness at the incisions during recovery
  • You may ice the area for the first 48 hours
  • Sleep on your back with your head elevated for 5-7 days
  • Only light activities for the first week
  • Bandages and stitches are removed in one week
  • Most patients return to regular activities in one week
  • By week three, swelling and bruising should be nearly gone
  • More severe (and rare) risks include nerve injury, hair loss at the incisions, scarring, and infection

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Who is a Candidate for a Brow Lift? 

If you’re in Tribeca or on the Upper East Side and you’re interested to see what a brow lift can do for you, you may be the ideal candidate. Individuals who make great patients for a forehead lift are men and women who:

  • Are bothered by their “permanent” sad, angry, severe, or tired expression
  • Want to improve forehead lines, crow’s feet, and sagging skin around the eyes
  • May be experiencing impaired vision due to excess skin
  • Are non-smokers in general good health 
  • Do not have uncontrolled high blood pressure, diabetes, or bleeding/blood clotting disorders
  • Have realistic expectations for what a brow lift can accomplish
  • Fully understand the brow lift procedure, risks, recovery, and what to expect


Brow lift results are typically apparent at three weeks. These results will progress each day, with the outcome finalized at four months. These results are long-lasting. Brow lift patients love their refreshed, more youthful appearance after brow lift surgery. 

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Brow Lift Surgery with Dr. Reitzen

Shari Reitzen, MD is a female facial plastic surgeon who is double board-certified by the American Board of Otolaryngology – Head and Neck Surgery and the American Board of Facial Plastic and Reconstructive Surgery. She serves both Tribeca and Manhattan’s Upper East Side, delivering natural-looking results for the residents of New York and beyond. She is both a cosmetic expert and has an extensive ENT background. Dr. Reitzen puts her patients first and closely listens to them in order to achieve the desired results. Her goal is to safely deliver a natural look that doesn’t appear overdone.

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